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Nelly's Coffee

Hand-cranked CNC Stainless Steel Grinding Core Coffee Bean Grinder Coffee Machine

$32.84 USD $49.26 USD
Black Glass
Plaid Matte Black
Double Black Gold
X1 Compass Grinder
X1 Compass Grinder Ink Night
X1 Compass Grinder Cobalt Blue
Packaging Specification

Product information:
Pattern: solid color
Color: Black Glass [black plaid glass Power tile], plaid matte black [[Black handle], double black and gold style [black handle], X1 compass [silver platinum color]], x1 compass [Ink night], X1 compass [cobalt blue]]
Material: aluminum alloy body, Glass power tiles
Name: CNC manual grinding machine
Material: alumimum, stainless steel, Walnut
Scope of Application: coffee shop, living room, leisure room, indoor office, etc.

Packing list:
Bean grinder * 1 cleaning brush * 1

Product Image: